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Useful information resources

Education Scotland National Improvement Hub

The National Improvement Hub will become a key gateway to educational improvement resources and support. It provides easy access to dynamic digital resources to help you improve your practice quickly and easily, increasing the quality of learners' experiences and their outcomes.


Future Developments

Children and Young People School Health and Well-being Census Survey

No resource available at present.


NHS Health Scotland and Scottish Government have recently completed an options appraisal process to detail the data needs of CPPs and the Scottish Government on the health and wellbeing of Children and Young People. NHS Health Scotland is now developing a plan for this census survey in collaboration with the Scottish Government. This will replace the SALSUS survey and be complimentary to HBSC.


Effectiveness evidence

This is planned work.  The Evidence for Action Team within NHS Health Scotland produces synthesised evidence of what works to improve health and reduce health inequalities.  It is planning to engage with CPPs to assess need in this area.


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