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Third and Independent Sector Engagement

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The HIS ihub provides high quality support to health and social care integration by working with third sector organisations to:

  • Ensure the voice of the sector taken into account in planned programmes of work within the ihub
  • Ensure the voice of the sector represented within strategic commissioning support and TRIST
  • Support health and social care organisations to understand and articulate the added value of the third and independent sectors, and know how to engage with them
  • Inform policy in areas where barriers to a thriving third sector exist or with emerging good practice in collaborative working such as co-production and market facilitation
  • Support the independent care and third sector engagement in the redesign and improvement of health and social care services (through commission to Scottish Care) including:
  • supporting the development of new models of care
  • providing advice on the engagement of the independent care sector in current and future improvement projects

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