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Causes, consequences and effective action around health inequalities

This provides information on equality and health inequalities.


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Economic Outcomes Programme

Phase two of the Economic Outcomes programme will focus on undertaking detailed impact assessments of the current 'economic footprint' of councils/partnerships.


Economics of Prevention

This is a new programme aiming to help CPPs access, understand and use evidence on the economics of prevention to inform local planning and investment decisions. The Health Economics Network has been created to support this work.


Health Inequalities Impact Assessment

Range of resources to help CPPs and other organisations assess the impact of their work on health inequalities.


Improving Outcomes in Money Advice

The Improving Outcomes in Money Advice (MAO) project is aimed at improving the impact of Scotland’s money advice services and supporting councils and their partners in this process.


Tackling Violence against Women

Every local authority area in Scotland has a multi-agency partnership which has responsibility for influencing and co-ordinating activities that challenge and prevent violence against women (VAW).


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