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Education Scotland led on a collaborative project commissioned by the National Strategic Scrutiny Group to devise and assess a potential methodology for the evaluation and scrutiny of how well community planning is operating at a local level, with a particular focus on the four pillars of public service reform.  This was Project 4 of the Strategic Scrutiny Group work plan for 2014/15) and the outcomes of the project were shared with the Group  in April 2015.


The Place-based scrutiny pilot focussed on two key questions:

  • What is it like to live in this locality?
  • How well are services collaborating to improve outcomes for local people?


and a subsidiary question:

  • Is our collective activity tackling /addressing inequalities?


The locality profile provided by the CPP contained a wealth of evidence upon which to develop the process.  ACORN segmentation presented a helpful way of looking at identified priority communities and their needs.

This resource is provided by Education Scotland, Perth and Kinross CPP, Audit Scotland, Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS), Care inspectorate, Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary in Scotland, Her Majesty's Fire Service Inspectorate, Scottish Housing Regulator and University of Glasgow.

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