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The main Participation Toolkit supports health and social care staff to involve patients, service users, carers and members of the public more effectively in their own care and in the design and delivery of local services. Now in its third edition, it offers a number of tried and tested tools along with some more recently developed approaches.  The Toolkit describes each approach, including resources needed and top tips to get the most from it, and suggests when it might be most effective.


There are two companion guides to the Participation Toolkit:


The e-Participation Toolkit describes how online technology (including social networks, online forums and blogs) can be used for two-way dialogue with patients, carers and communities – complementing rather than replacing more traditional methods of engaging.


The Evaluation Toolkit is a guide to assessing public involvement and participation in health and social care. It discusses how practitioners can evaluate how participation project has been undertaken (process) and the results of that activity (outcomes).

This resource is provided by the Scottish Health Council.

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