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The Local Intelligence Support team (LIST) can empower Health and Social Care Partnerships, Community Planning Partnerships and GP Clusters to be ambitious and challenging in the approaches they take, and are ideally placed to work alongside local partners to offer wider access to analytical and information support than would otherwise be available.


LIST has matured over the last two years of operation and is now able to showcase the difference a local intelligence-led approach is making, in order to tackle many of the deep-rooted health, social and economic issues that pervade many of our communities.  The LIST service has provided local decision makers with meaningful and actionable intelligence, leading to improved outcomes for service users and patients by using platforms such as Source, DISCOVERY and (soon to be launched) SPIRE.


In several areas of the country GP practices are actively involved in successful projects with LIST.  The LIST service is expanding more formally into Primary Care to support Cluster Quality working, in particular intelligence led influence and decision making.  The expanding service will build upon the existing team skills and technical infrastructure.  The long term aspiration is to improve the join up across health and social care and increase the influence on the wider determinants of health through links with community planning partners.

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