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Improvement Service

Improvement Service

The Improvement Service works with Scottish councils and their partners to improve the efficiency, quality and accountability of local public services by providing advice, consultancy and programme support.

About this organisation

Community Empowerment

Scottish Community Councils website

     - support provided jointly

Community Participation Action Learning Report


Leadership and governance - leadership development

CPP Board member guidance

Leadership checklist


Leadership and governance - partnership governance

Partnership Checklist

Performance Management: Good Practice Principles


Support with Local Outcomes Improvement Plans

Support to develop Local Outcomes Improvement Plans

     - support provided jointly

Local Outcomes Improvement Plans Stock-take - Emerging Themes


Data, analysis and informatics - advice and information

Community Planning Outcomes Profile


Data, analysis and informatics - self service tools / data

Business Analysis Framework

Menu of Local Outcome Indicators



Linking Community and Spatial Planning

Place-based research



Economic Outcomes Programme

Improving Outcomes in Money Advice

Tackling Violence against  Women


Online collaboration

Knowledge Hub


Facilitation and consultancy support

Facilitation and consultancy - Improvement Service

Support resources

Working in partnership

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