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Better Evaluation

This is an international collaboration to improve evaluation practice and theory by sharing and generating information about options (methods or processes) and approaches.


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Evaluability Assessment

This helps CPPs to identify evidence based evaluability of their policies and programmes in relation to their outcomes.  NHS Health Scotland also provide advice and support on process evaluations (i.e. programmes/policies being implemented as intended).


Evaluation Support Scotland guides

Evaluation Support Scotland has developed a series of user friendly support guides


NHS Health Scotland Evaluation Team

The Health Scotland evaluation team can provide advice and support on outcomes planning, evaluability assessments and process and impact evaluations including economic evaluations.


Outcomes frameworks to plan and evaluate health improvement work

NHS Health Scotland website


NHS Health Scotland has produced seven outcomes frameworks to help plan and evaluate health improvement work. The frameworks cover alcohol, healthy weight, health at work, mental health, parenting, problem drug use and tobacco.


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